Friday, November 4, 2011

Some News

I have only managed to source 200 Chicks for my upcoming project. I am currently trying to source more. It seems that the current supply of day old chicks are hard to come by due to the forthcoming Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in January.

I am undeterred and I am very positive that I will be able to get around 500 by months end. Research has been very interesting and I have been to the relevant people for advice and I am pretty sure we'll be kicking off this new project very soon.

The Chickens are doing very well, Today the new chicks are 9 days old and the larger ones are about 10 weeks plus (72 days to be exact) an error on my previous post I might add. After changing from normal sawdust to the more smoother rice husk, I find that they are more comfortable and eat much much more.

Well I'll keep you posted.

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