Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Stuff

Went to visit the site again this morning. Had a closer inspection of the place. And my oh my there's quite a few things that need to be done.

1. Cutting the overgrown grass
2. Repairing some of the flooring.
3. Getting some lights in.
4. Installation of wiremesh to certain sections of the building.
5. The building of partitions for an office as well as storage for chicken feed.
6. Repair of the stairs.
7. Disinfecting the whole darn thing.

At least there is electricity and water. Nice all round condition. I am pretty happy with what is happening now.

I had a moment of serenity and peace while just sitting on the steps of the building, looking out towards the lush greenery surrounding it. I shed a tear. I pulled out my iPhone.. and darn.. I forgot to charge it again! So much for the thrilling moment.

Chickens are doing well. I got back early from the office and cleaned out the coop. 2 gunny sacks full. The new chicks are healthy and getting bigger and fatter. I haven't lost any so far. Which is very good compared to my first time around doing 100 chicks about 2 months back.

Eric is making a nuisance of himself, as always. He accidentally 'fell' into the one of the gunny sacks and made a mess! EEEEEW! But he's unharmed. The rest of the turkens are doing so well. I am feeding them corn and grower pellets now. They are catching up to Eric in terms of size.

I have a page on Facebook, you can see the link at the top right hand corner of this blog. I called up a few friends to ask about some sponsorship with regards to prizes for our fans who can come up with a unique and creative name for our farm.

Good news is I have a few promising items coming along. But at the moment I am still contemplating on how to go about doing this contest. Well I'll get there somehow.

So here's to another updated. Will keep you posted.

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  1. shoulda coulda woulda~ will come and help you out when the time has come.. #Revolution is in order. Booyah!