Monday, November 7, 2011


Making progress the last couple of days. Managed to get a reduction in rates for some important items for the new farm. Also managed to get a reduced rental due to the fact that I have promised a 5 year contract with the owner.

I have made a check-list of things to purchase and things to do before fully commencing work on the farm. There's a lot of cleaning and minor renovating to be done. I can't wait for my partner Vallerian Tan to come over. God knows, I could surely use his help around here.

Apart from that everything seems to be going just fine. Chickens are really doing well. And today for the first time ever I saw and heard Eric crow! He's all grown up now. A bit overweight I might add as he is constantly being shown affection! Also there is the sign of his feathers getting longer.

Well it's back to work!

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