Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Chicks In Again.

Well, I got up early this morning as usual and went to collect another 110 day old chicks, bringing current total chickens to 225 plus 1 Eric. It's getting to be a pretty serious affair.

Progress with the new rearing facilities are going on schedule. Another 3 to 4 weeks to be fully operational. Vallerian Tan and I are going to be very very busy. With Christmas, New Years and The Chinese Lunar New Year 2012 coming in quick succession, I'm pretty sure you all will see hunka hunka drop dead gorgeous chiselled dudes pretty soon.

Sold 50 Chickens yesterday. I received a call at about 5.40am requesting 30 chickens for some celebrations with regards to Malaysia winning the SEA Games gold medal in football (Soccer to the un-schooled). So delivered them around 8.30am. About an hour later the same guys called up and asked for another 20. What! I couldn't believe my luck! So again I sent another 20. I was hoping to be invited for the celebrations but, alas, it wasn't the case. But I am definitely happy I sold off those chickens.

Very tiring! Plus it was very hot yesterday! So it's a quiet day for me today. Right now having a freezing ice cold Nescafe. Soothing and refreshing.

Now for some rest and relaxation... till next time..

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