Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Home For The Chicks.

Finally the new home for the 5 and a half week old chicks. My wife and I took 3 days to complete the 10ft X 10ft home for them. I tried to stick to my original plans and I am quite happy with the results. I have already put some bedding for the coop but it isn't shown in the picture above.

Lost one chick last night due to the cold weather (Been raining heavily the last few days). Apart from that minor misfortune everything seems to be looking good. I am currently feeding the chicks corn feed. They are taking a liking to it.

From what I have gathered folks out here want their chicken to be fed with lots and lots of corn. So as this is my first try at rearing commercially, I decided to go ahead with feeding them corn.

Well, It's been a hectic 5 weeks and I am very happy with my progress. My wife seems to want to build another coop double the size to house new chicks for Christmas celebrations. So I think she may be on to something here.

Til next time...

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