Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Entry!

I have blogged before but nothing quite like this one. I am embarking on a new journey in my life. A couple of months ago I came across a blog while searching the net with regards to commercial chicken (Broiler) farming. Because of this particular blog I started out with 10 Naked Neck Chickens and have since sold them off for a nice profit and bought some more chicks and and again and again 10 (ten) at a time. So why did I start this blog you may ask? Because yesterday (24/8/2011) I got myself 100 (Yes one hundred) Naked Neck day-old-chicks, and I want to blog about it from day one up until I sell them off as well as to keep a journal for myself. Why this kind of breed you ask? Well, I find that where I come from (Sabah, Malaysia) many prefer this type of chicken for it's size and flesh. So Being a Google Community College student (LOL) I am adamant to prove that I can teach myself to farm chickens and be a success. Although I don't claim to be an expert. Just a guy from Sabah who wants to make a change in his life.

So here goes.

* Word of note, I have had a few coop designs and the coop that I have made is just made of readily available materials I have lying around the house. (Reban Ayam Kampung so to speak) But I am going to build one especially for my future plans.

A rough idea of how my coop will look like in the future. (Done with Sketchup 8, sorry image isn't up to scale)

Day Old Chicks

I would so love to hear from you. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Let us learn together.

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